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Step #1: Please review the Women's Consignor Agreement

Step #2: Please complete the Consignor Application

  • Do you buy or consign items?
    Clever Giraffe consigns. On average, you will earn more per piece if the item sells with CG than you would selling the item to a place that buys items outright. Please refer to the contract for more details under Section 1: Consignor Cut.
  • Do I need to bring my things on hangers?
    No need. We prefer your things neatly folded in a bin or shopping bag.
  • Do you accept out of state consignors?
    Not at this time. You must live in the North Alabama area.
  • Do I need to price my items?
    No. Clever Giraffe will take care of all pricing and tagging of items.
  • Do you take men's clothing?
    Not at this time.
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